Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Censorship claims to be "The Civil Online Town Hall". For Minneapolis, it's "A place to discuss local-level Minneapolis civic issues". Childish insults are often thrown at the Mayor and other elected officials, while legitimate discussion of issues affecting the politics of Ward 10 are censored.

The post below was deleted 2 May 2009 by David Brauer, E-Democracy Forum Manager. "I'm a censor," he bragged. 

I heard a rumor that Rep. Frank Hornstein and Rep. Jeff Hayden are refusing to support the endorsed candidate for Council in the 10th Ward. Does anyone know if that is true? If true, why not?

Both represent parts of the 10th Ward, so it would be very strange for elected DFL officials to work against an endorsed candidate.

The Graffiti Task Force,
Ward 10, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Another example of censorship by David Brauer, E-Democracy Forum Manager:

In the list of All posts in the topic Graffiti - a healthy debate, four are identified. Conspicuously absent is the post that started the discussion (31 August 2009).

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